Henry Dunant Hospital Center

Henry Dunant Hospital Center

Henry Dunant Hospital Center

One of the best private hospitals in Europe, where you can have an excellent medical experience!
Henry Dunant Hospital Center bears the name of the Swiss humanitarian and founder of the worldwide Red Cross movement, as its core values are rooted in the concepts of care, support, solidarity and respect for human dignity.

Congratulations to Henry Dunant Hospital Center for achieving the JCI Accreditation!

Henry Dunant Hospital Center for achieving the JCI AccreditationWhat is JCI Accreditation?
Each hospital and health care organization that applies for JCI accreditation takes about two years to prepare. During this time, the entire organization works together to develop and implement the new high quality and patient-safe policies, practices, and procedures that are required to meet Joint Commission standards.
During on-site evaluation, a team of expert JCI physicians, nurses, and health care administrators visits the organization and evaluates more than a thousand measurable elements. Through interviews with staff, patients, and leadership, along with physical inspections and reviews of records, survey touches every part of the organization and provides a complete evaluation of the effectiveness of the organization's patient safety and quality system.
JCI accredits hospitals and academic medical centers. It also accredits clinics, laboratories, ambulance services and emergency transport organizations, home care, long term care, and primary care facilities.

Why is JCI Accreditation the World's Gold Standard?
Accreditation is a long-term process that demands commitment. There is a great deal of preparatory work leading up to a survey and then subsequent performance and improvement work is done to ensure those accreditation standards are maintained. Organizations that achieve and maintain JCI accreditation are dedicated to providing their patients the best level of care possible.
JCI standards and evaluation methods stand alone in the world as unique tools designed to drive positive change. Its standards and evaluation methods are:

  • Designed to stimulate and support sustained quality improvement
  • Created to reduce risk
  • Focused on building a culture of patient safety
  • Developed by health care experts from around the world and tested in every world region
  • Developed by health professionals specifically for the health care sector
  • Applicable to individual health care organizations and national health care systems

Henry Dunant healthcare services in numbers

Since its establishment, it has provided healthcare services and has treated more than 3.000.000 cases

  • 1,435,000+ Outpatient Visits
  •    290,000+ Inpatients
  •    151,000+ Surgeries
  •    372,000+ Haemodialysis treatments
  •    149,000+ CT Scans
  •    143,000+ Ultrasound Scans
  •      25,000+ Operating rooms
  •      67,000+ MRI Scans

State of the Art Infrastructure

The Hospital operates in two adjacent buildings totaling over 54,000m2 of useable space and is situated at advantageous and easily accessible location in the urban district of Athens 30 minutes from the airport. The main building houses the healthcare services, a 200-seat auditorium, and an underground parking. The adjacent 8 - store building is primarily used for housing doctors offices and administrative services. It has a permit for 462 hospital beds, constituting it the biggest private hospital in Greece.

  •   12 deluxe rooms and suites
  •   39 single
  • 132 double
  •   66 triple
  •   88 quadruple
  •   20 isolation rooms
  •   38 ICU
  •   29 One day clinic /ODC
  •   25 operating rooms

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