Frequently asked questions related to Spine Surgery Greece

What is Spine Surgery Greece?

SSG is an ideal project that combines a highly qualified medical team specializing in the field of spine surgery, together with unique and exclusive medical holidays

Why should I come to Greece for a spine surgery?

Today, Greece, the birthplace of Medicine, provides the highest levels of medical tourism services for different kinds of treatments and surgeries.

Is it possible to get an estimate?

Of course it is possible! We could offer you a detailed estimate depending on the treatment that is suitable for you. You will be informed for every financial detail including the payment process, extra possible charges, fees etc.

How long does the whole procedure last?

It all depends on the patient's needs, the treatment selected, and the medical holiday preferences.

Do you provide a translator and is it possible to get all the information in another language than Greek?

In Greece almost everybody speaks English, but if it is not convenient for you, we could offer you a translator. All the information and medical data could be translated into English.

What should I do if I can't find the information that I am looking for on your website?

You could always contact us and we will provide you with all the information needed, as well as, answer to all questions that you might have.

Is Henry Dunant one of the best private hospitals in Europe?

With 462 hospital-beds, 54.000m2 of usable space, and 25 operating rooms, it is considered the biggest private hospital in Greece, and one of the best in Europe.

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