City of Athens

City of Athens

City of Athens

The city that gave birth to democracy, the sciences, and the fine arts is ready to reveal its secrets. Athens, the city of the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora has a great deal to offer as far as it concerns our Western civilization and the development of its sciences including medicine.  At the same time it has evolved as  a modern, vibrant megalopolis full of energy day and night. It might be fair to say that this city has contributed to world history and culture time and again, making itself  a well known gem worldwide.

The Most Popular Cultural Attractions in Athens

1. The Parthenon: The most comprehensive architectural creation of Athenian democracy built during a golden age of prosperity for the city.

2.  Propylaea: A monumental gateway to the Acropolis built of white Pentelic marble.

3.  Erechtheion: A building complex from 420 BC, made of Pentelic marble, a unique example of the Ionic order.

4. Temple of Athena Nike: A masterpiece of the Classical era, built by Kallikrates in the Ionic order, with a four-column structure.

5. New Acropolis Museum: Stunning exhibits and architecture decorate the complete modern museum.

6. National History Museum: Permanent exhibition on the history of modern Greece.

7. Museum of Cycladic Art: Superb exhibits from the ancient Aegean civilisations with an emphasis on the Cycladic period.

8. National Archaeological Museum: The largest in Greece and one of the most important in the world.

9. National Gallery: Contains more than 15,000 exhibits.

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